Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week 2017

Sushi Blues Cafe // $21 Dinner Menu

Course 1

Sushi Appetizer
California roll and three pieces of nigiri sushi (chef's choice)

Lightly-salted soy beans (regular size)

Shrimp or Pork Gyoza
Seasoned shrimp or pork dumplings served with dipping sauce (fried or steamed)

Course 2

Shrimp, Steak or Chicken served with steamed baby bokchoy and rice

Specialty Roll
Any tow of our popular specialty rolls (Wolfpack, 74/83, Yummy, Fire & Ice, Bob Marley, Carmen, Big Count Basie, Billie Holiday)

Course 3

Ice Cream
Green Tea, Vanilla or Cookies & Cream

*Menu subject to change based on availability. Tax and tip not included.