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Gingerbread House Competition 


Calling all bakers, craft makers, and holiday enthusiasts to the Ipreo Raleigh Winterfest Gingerbread House Competition! The Gingerbread House contest, a favorite component of the Ipreo Raleigh Winterfest event, is returning for a third year! Last year, over 1,000 people visited the Gingerbread House host venue. So, if you are creative and crafty, this competition is your opportunity to showcase your talent.

This year, there's room for both children and adults to enter. We invite children ages 14 and under to enter the kids category and young adults 15 and up may enter the adult category.

The top three winners will receive a great prize package!

Registration for this event has now closed.




Entries are not limited to the structure of a house. Competitors are encouraged to uniquely design their entry.



Except for the base, entries must be constructed and composed completely of edible materials. Non-edible materials such as paint and/or ribbon are approved (and encouraged) to decorate the outer edge of your plywood base only (not to exceed the length and/or width of the base).The main structure of your entry should be constructed of at least 75% gingerbread, some of which should be exposed. Edible materials are not limited to candies and icings. Use of gum paste, fondant, pastillage, chocolate, modeling chocolate, royal icing, isomalt, cast sugar, gelatin, and pressed sugar is encouraged. Any entry with non-edible components will be automatically disqualified. No artificial display materials, such as Styrofoam or interior lighting, are to be used in the construction or decoration of the entry. Candies must be unwrapped and free of any non-edible materials such as lollipop sticks.



* Not to exceed 24 inches high, 24 inches wide, and 24 inches long

* Entry must be placed on a board base (we suggest using ½” or ¾” plywood as a base for your entry)

* Use of pegs or risers on the bottom of the base is preferred but not required. If you wish to install “legs” on the underside of your base, the legs are considered as part of the base and should not cause the entry’s height to exceed 24 inches

* Write your name, address, and entry number on the underside of your base

* Include on the entry form a short description of your entry that lists features about your gingerbread ‘house’ and materials used in the construction process

* Up to three photos of your process may be included but are not required; photos are to be submitted via email to kimberleyjones@downtownraleigh.org



The “People’s Choice” winners will be selected by Winterfest attendees and the winner of the “Best in Show” will be selected by a panel of celebrity judges. The Gingerbread Houses will be on display at the Ipreo Raleigh Winterfest festival on Saturday, December 3, 2016 from 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM, at 401 Fayetteville Street (corner of Fayetteville and Davie Street). Attendees can vote for their favorite entry between 12 noon until 6 pm. Winners will be announced at Winterfest from the main stage between 7 pm - 7:30 pm. Announcements also will be made via social media.


Entry judging will be based on three criteria:

* Overall Appearance, includes Gingerbread House and yard; all décor must be edible and is not limited to sweets

* Originality & Creativity (use of color, pattern and detail, best use of candy, includes the Gingerbread House and yard)

* Difficulty (entries are not limited to the structure of a house; competitors are encouraged to uniquely design their entry for the competition, as long as the entry is in keeping with the rules and judging criteria)



* Best in Show (selected by panel of celebrity judges)

* People’s Choice (selected by Winterfest attendees)

* 1st Place

* 2nd Place

Prize packages will be announced soon. Prizes can be picked up by the winners after the competition.



All Gingerbread House entries must be delivered to 401 Fayetteville Street, at the intersection of Fayetteville Street and Davie Street, on Friday, December 2, between 4:00 – 7:00 PM. To simplify the check-in process, a check-in time slot will be assigned to each competitor and will be determined by entry number. At the time of check in, you will be photographed alongside your entry for media purposes.



Entries will be on display at 401 Fayetteville Street during the Ipreo Raleigh Winterfest event on Saturday, December 3, from 12 noon - 6 pm.

Permission is granted to Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA) to transport the entry for publicity purposes while understanding that at no time does DRA guarantee the safety or security of the entry and cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred by the entry.



All entries must be picked up by the owner no later than 9:00 PM on Saturday, December 3 unless another pick up time has been pre-arranged with DRA. Any Gingerbread House not picked up by the designated time will become the property of DRA and may be put on display in another suitable location or disposed.


Ipreo Raleigh Winterfest and DRA have permission to print or otherwise duplicate the picture or likeness of the entry and/or the entrant with the entry for either internal or external release; this includes print and online publications. It is understood that the image of the entry becomes the property of Ipreo Raleigh Winterfest and DRA.


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Please contact Kimberley Jones via email, kimberleyjones@downtownraleigh.org or via phone 919-821-6975.