• What's This?
    Mixed media artist and clothing designer Marie Cordella is just one of the 40 artists whose work can be viewed at ArtSpace, a visual art center that features 23 open studios, three exhibition galleries, lectures, classes and many other stimulating art events.
  • What's This?
    North Carolina State Capitol
    The North Carolina State Capitol, completed in 1840, is one of the finest and best-preserved examples of a major civic building in the Greek Revival style of architecture. It is a National Historic Landmark.
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    Blount Street was once home to rich industrialists and prominent civic leaders, as evidenced by these beautiful, historic homes. Nearby Blount Street Commons, currently under construction, will soon add even more residences, retail shops and parks.
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    Father and Son Antiques
    Father and Son Antiques is home to a bounty of collectables and oddities, from mid-century designs and vintage threads to '50s kitch, tiki, mod, and much more.
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    Wachovia IMAX Theater
    This architectural sculpture marks the entrance of the Wachovia IMAX Theater at Marbles Kids Museum, which provides a larger-than-life movie experience for kids of all ages.
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    Raleigh Times Bar
    The Raleigh Times Bar is located in the beautifully restored 100-year-old former home of the city's evening newspaper. Featuring creative takes on classic bar fare, and an amazing beer selection.


Program Our Plazas                                                                         

Apply for event space and grant

Note:  Applications for both event programming and grants will be considered by an oversight committee on a case-by-case basis.                               

Wednesdays: 5 pm - 8 pm

Fridays:  11 am - 2 pm


To create interactive events which bring vibrancy to Market and Exchange plazas, in downtown Raleigh.

The program goals:

  • To help incubate and facilitate innovative and entrepreneurial ideas and creativity in downtown.

  • Help facilitate and attract events which will provide needed/desired programming within downtown public plazas.

  •  Help provide a public platform for entertainment, recreation, goods, and services to downtown residents, employees, and visitors.

  • Promote the plazas while simultaneously providing a venue for various downtown merchants, vendors, entertainers, and organizations.

  • Improve the overall quality of life in Downtown Raleigh through public events to bring value through various services, goods, and programming.

  • The program aims to create an inclusive and welcoming environment to residents, downtown employees, and citizens from all walks of life.

Types of event subjects eligible include but are not limited to:

  • Cooking/culinary, nature/wildlife, design, science/discovery, art/visual, teaching/education, public performance, music, agriculture/gardening, multimedia, craft/maker markets, health/fitness, literature, Recreation, Startups, and more.

  • Priority is put on events which are: Interactive, Innovative, Educational, Creative, and showcase a dynamic variety of components.

Examples of possible programming include:

  • Vendor Craft Market: feature local crafters from various different disciplines, showcasing their products and also displaying how the products are designed, manufactured, and finished.

  • Art Installation: feature a local artist creating an art project, this could consist of them creating the project onsite, displaying it for the public, then a discussion with the public.

  • Live Performance: various public performances could apply: musical, theatrical, comedy, dance, or other. One important consideration is to include possible complimentary discussion and an interactive component for the public.

  • Fitness classes: this could include yoga, CrossFit, Pilates, biking, or another physical activity in the health realm. Classes could be done throughout the event period, onsite include a local juice or food vendor, and also ensure to discuss the benefits of the program and incorporate education into the programming. 

Thank you to Flight Raleigh and First Citizens Bank for helping fund the POP grant.

Upcoming POP Events:

November 30: Home Improvement Demonstration: Flooring and Tile

Wood Flooring Installation: demo of proper material selection, preparation, installation, and care maintenance for those considering a wood flooring home improvement project.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Installation: demo of proper material selection, preparation, installation, and care maintenance for those considering a kitchen tile backsplash home improvement project.

Featured businesses: Wood Plus Hardwood Flooring, King Flooring, LLC, M & D Home Improvement, and Triangle In Home Flooring.


*In addition there will be an open jam and donations taken for Hiro’s recovery. www.gofundme.com/hirorecovery


December 2: Matt Phillips Music Theory and Business- workshop on the music industry and musical instruction + local vendors


December 7: Hula Hoop and Flow Jam hosted by Cirque de vol and Moons of Noor


December 9: Yoga + Vendors


December 14 : Pet Adoption event with pet vendors


December 16: Yoga + Vendors


December 21: Holiday Market


December 23: Holiday Market


December 28: Live Music + Vendors


December 30: BOTH PLAZAS- FINAL POP!!!!! Art Putt (2 pm-6 pm) in Market Plaza plus vendors and food in Exchange