Downtown Raleigh Restaurant Week 2018

Sushi Blues Cafe // $20 Dinner Menu

Course 1

Sushi Appetizer
California Roll and three pieces of nigiri sushi (chef’s choice)

Lightly salted soy beans (regular size)

Shrimp or Pork Gyoza
Seasoned shrimp or pork dumplings served with dipping sauce (fried or steamed)

Course 2

Shrimp, Steak, or Chicken served with steamed baby bokchoy and rice

Specialty Roll
Any two of our popular specialty rolls (Wolfpack, 74/83, Fire & Ice, Bob Marley, Carmen, Big Count Basie, Billie Holiday)

Course 3

Ice Cream
Green Tea, Vanilla, or Cookies & Cream

*Menu subject to change based on availability. Tax and tip not included.