The Cortez Seafood and Cocktail

413 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 342-8227

General Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Sunday 5:00 PM - Close

Here we serve fresh, eclectic seafare and vibrant handcrafted cocktails, that draw on our food memories, travels through the years, unexpected discoveries, and finding our own voices in the process. Chicanos, or Mexican-Americans, like us have grown up with a foot in two worlds - those of our parents native country and those of the country raising us. Simultaneously, Executive Chef Oscar Diaz and Proprietor Charlie Ibarra’s exposure to the foods of our multicultural neighbors in the boroughs of Chicago and immigrant enclaves in Los Angeles have further broadened our palettes and sensibilities. It is this unique combination of experiences that fuel The Cortez’s daily seafood and bar offerings.

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