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Musical Acts 2016

Headliner:  Holy Ghost Tent Revival  (6:00 pm - 7:15 pm)
                   Encore Performance (7:23 pm - 7:30 pm)

9 years, 3 genres, and 4 records into it, Holy Ghost Tent Revival’s sound has emerged as something different than anyone might have expected. The music, now filled with 3 and 4-part harmonies reminiscent of the Beatles in one section and Motown in the next. The drums, bass, and keys, now centered on a Stax-like groove, and the 3 electric guitars now tastefully breathe dynamics into each song. All-the-while, the organic horns don’t dominate but compliment, like the old Memphis soul horns or The Band in “The Last Waltz”.

Forming in a dorm room in 2007, the band chose its name after a picture scrolled across a computer screen – just a simple sign with the words “Holy Ghost Tent Revival” written on it. Someone saw the picture, shouted out those words and there was no going back. Birthed of a banjo-driven fireball of ragtime/swing energy, Holy Ghost Tent Revival’s roots were formed by getting people moving on a dance floor. With their latest EP release, Summer Jelly, HGTR proved to be advancing and adding a new depth to their sound, and the fans were digging it.

Now laced with female vocals, 4 part harmonies, synths, and a second trumpet, HGTR is marrying genres in a way that NPR describes as that of a “soul-rock horn band that recalls 60s and 70s classic-rock influences such as The Band and The Flying Burrito Brothers…”. This new sound has inspired amazing acts like Lake Street Dive, Dr. Dog, Shovels and Rope, and Robert Randolph & the Family Band to share their stage with them and in turn has elevated Holy Ghost Tent Revival to a nationally touring, mainstage-ready band.


The Midatlantic  (4:15 pm - 5:30 pm)

The Midatlantic is a crew of eclectic musicians hailing from the Cape Fear coast of North Carolina. Setting sail with a crew of five, The Midatlantic is an exciting and refreshing brand of folk rock that excites audiences, leaving them wanting more. With a unique blend of progressive folk, americana, and bluegrass, and a hint of rock and jazz The Midatlantic produces their unique brand of modern folk rock. Don’t be fooled by the montage of acoustic instruments. They always deliver a wide range of dynamics, energy, and melodic harmonies through songs that are sincere to love, emotions, and life experiences. The Midatlantic takes great pride in their professional image and providing tasteful performances suitable for all age groups.




Rebekah Todd & the Odyssey  (2:45 pm - 3:45 pm)

She began honing her craft and getting comfortable on stage by playing in bands in junior high and high school. As Rebekah grew into her voice and picking style, she started to pull inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, which shapes the music she writes and performs today. While Rebekah can cover songs ranging from Led Zeppelin to Katy Perry, she often cites soulful singer/songwriters like Lauryn Hill and Susan Tedeschi as her inspiration.   Rebekah Todd grew up in the small town of Benson, North Carolina, and was surrounded by music as early as she could remember. At eight years old, she started formal piano lessons, but soon figured out that the structure of reading music didn't quite fit her style of learning. Soon after, Rebekah's father gave her a black acoustic Washburn guitar and offered to teach her to play. A musician himself, her father enjoyed showing his daughter the way around the fret board. He flooded the house with sounds of classic rock and folk, playing everything from The Beatles to Bob Dylan, and Rebekah instantly found her musical niche.

Since receiving a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from East Carolina University (2012), Rebekah has been completely devoted to writing and touring up and down the east coast, knowing she has to put in the hard work and time to reach her goals.

Rebekah is currently based out of Wilmington, NC. She is a gifted songwriter with a voice that was meant to be heard—natural, soulful, and effortless. She finds inspiration in her life experiences and channels those emotions into her songs, making her approach to music organic and authentic. With her first EP, Forget Me Not (2011) and first LP Roots Bury Deep (2014) under her belt, Rebekah is preparing to record her sophomore album in 2016 along with her band Rebekah Todd & the Odyssey.

Christiane & The Strays  (1:15 pm - 2:15 pm)

Christiane grew up listening to classic bluegrass and country music, but when her grandfather taught her basic guitar chords at the age of 14, her interest in songwriting grew. As a teen, pop-punk interested her far more than the music she was raised on. But as her music and songwriting grew, bluegrass started coming back into her realm of interest, along with interests in classic rock and motown, alternative rock, and neo-soul. Citing her two biggest songwriting influences as Dolly Parton and Amy Winehouse, the range of her musical interests makes it hard to confine her music to any one genre.
Experimenting with rhythms, volume and speed, and performing original songs, along with an array of often surprising covers has resulted in an interesting and energetic take on acoustic music.




Three Jack Jenny (12 noon - 12:45 pm)

One of Karen Smedley’s earliest memories was watching Porter Wagonner walk down the hallway to the stage in a pair of bright red cowboy boots on TV. The showmanship he displayed drew her to the music, inspiring her to religiously watch his show and listen to the Grand Ole Opry. Never content with just watching, though-she wanted to perform.

Her natural talent developed at a young age, which led her father to put together a family band, featuring Karen and her two sisters. Traveling across the Southeast, she had the opportunity to see the performers she idolized in person. At 7, she saw Lester Flatt and the Nashville Grass. Watching Marty Stuart playing the mandolin, it opened her eyes and set her love of bluegrass on fire. She was taken by the distinct tones of the instrument and told her father that was what she wanted to do. A bluegrass aficionado himself, he readily agreed and her future was set.

Now a seasoned performer, she combines her country sensibilities with the bluegrass sound she fell in love with years ago. Her voice conveys heartbreak and sadness, but never fragility; her brand of hard-driving bluegrass is reminiscent of the great female country vocalists with arrangements that make it all her own.